CONTEMPLATIon ZONe ministery of finance

Contemplation Zone

Studio Kontou created a Contemplation Zone at the Ministry of Finance to offer a moment of peace and reflection. The contemplation zone is inspired by the restorative and stress-reducing qualities of nature. To ensure that the employees of the Ministry of Finance can marvel every day with elements from nature.
In this soothing space employees can listen to a custom-made music composition and see how clouds drift very slowly along mountain tops. But they can also dream away at the glistening Luminous Silver panel and explore which scent has the best effect on them.

By regularly shifting your attention from a screen to elements that stimulate the senses on a working day, your brain resets and then relaxes with new ideas and inspiration to get back to work.

Samenwerkingspartners Contemplatie Zone

Alissa + Nienke | 2 Mirabilia behangpanelen
Claudia de Vos | Olfactory Art installatie bestaande uit vierluik Cedar Tree Heritages
Drops of Heaven | 2 sprays met etherische olie
Iris Hartman Fotografie | Foto’s Connected en Sanctuary
Mokkō​ Amsterdam | 2 Initial-A stoelen, 2 Acoustic Art Panels en Ensō tafel
Noortje Haegens | video installatie Think like a Mountain
Nordermöbler | vloerlamp Blend van Pholc, draaifauteuil Building en tafeltje Mel van Balzar Beskow
Sizzer i.s.m. Amy Root | muziek compositie Contemplation Spaces II
Studio Mae Engelgeer | textiel paneel Luminous Silver uit Lavish Collection
Studio Anouk Stoffels | grafisch ontwerp Contemplatie Zone
Studio Roos Meerman | Aera Fabrica
Wave & Particle (Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly)| dubbelzijdige versie van Color of the Day serie

Still image of video work 'Think like a Mountain' by Noortje Haegens
Photos by Nick Bookelaar