Ministek - self sufficient tiny house

Sensorial Interior design for MiniStek

Commissioned by architect Mireille Langendijk Studio Kontou created a sensorial design for self-sufficient tiny house Ministek. Mireille and Justine share the same drive to make a positive contribution to a bio-inspired future, which has led to a very inspiring and fruitful collaboration.

Architect Mireille Langendijk designs from Bio Inspired Innovation (a.o. biomimicry, biophilia, circular society) and this self-sufficient house is a great example of that approach. This house slowly rotates to capture as much daylight as possible. Based on the expertise and experience of Studio Kontou, Justine made a design for the material finishing (inside) and interior design, to create a spatial experience that stimulates all senses in a harmonious way.

The prototype of Ministek is located in Apeldoorn (at the industrial Zwitsal location) and is given a dual function. On a daily basis it will be used as a temporary meeting - and workplace. In addition, potential residents can try out Ministek's residential function whenever they would like.

One of the requirements of the interior is that it is easy to adapt to the desired user function.
But the desired state of mind of both users does correspond; an inspiring space, in which you have the feeling of being away from it all. That state of mind we know, when we immerse ourselves in nature; our heads are emptied and as a result new ideas and insights arise.

The design for the material finishing and interior design is a eclectic mix of different styles, totally based on Biophilic Design and a harmonious balance of sensory stimuli.
Currently Ministek is being completed and the finishing and furnishing will be arranged. As soon as Ministek is delivered, we will share the final result with you. For now, here you will find a preview of the design - a selection of the moodboards and focus points.

Moodboards & impressions by Studio Kontou
Photo by Mireille Langendijk