it's weekend: fashion x cult

IT'S WEEKEND: Fashion X Cult event, 2nd edition (2014), in Eindhoven

During the weekend of 5 t /m 7 September, 2014 the second edition of IT'S WEEKEND took place. A Fashion X Cult event where fashion, design, technology, food and music came together in a dynamic and vibrant weekend. Participating (fashion) designers, artists, retailers, restaurants and other stakeholders were challenged to engage and
work together. Collaborations, among others: Dutch Design Week, Dutch Design Awards, Van Abbemuseum, Extrema and Mode Marché made for an exciting and
diverse program.

In shops, restaurants, vacant properties as well as in public spaces diverse activities
took place in the field of fashion and culture. Like (Mobile) fashion presentations, exhibitions, lectures, pop-ups, hang-outs, catwalk shows, late night drinks and a
shopping Sunday. ‘Urban oasis’s', botanical hangouts, offered visitors the opportunity
to relax and meet new people.

Again, the entire organisation of IT'S WEEKEND: Fashion X Cult; from concept to
visual presentation, was executed by Martine Mathijsen (NOFT) and Justine Kontou.

Photography by Nick Bookelaar