OXI was a curated exhibition at Sectie C, during Dutch Design Week 2015.
It was organised by Tessa Koot, Govert Flint and Justine Kontou. Tessa acted as art director. Govert created a whole new concept which measured emotional reaction of the visitors. This functioned as a possible alternative business model for designers and artists that participated in the exhibition. Justine participated as curator of the exhibition.
She selected expressive visual pieces to show a broad spectrum of contemporary
design and art.

The exhibition showed design, art, photography and (interactive) installations of 27
artists and design studios. It also presented a new museological concept in which the emotional reaction of visitors was measured by cameras and transformed into marketable data packages. Since OXI was more than an exposition only; it aimed to draw attention
to the social problem that alternative business models for designers and artists are urgently needed.

During the official opening of OXI, her three ambassadors; Koert van Mensvoort
(designer, philosopher and scientist), Koen Kleijn (art historian, journalist, documentary maker and writer) and Pauline Terreehorst (director of NatLab, publicist and journalist) joined an open discussion about the current position of designers and artists and
possible solutions.

Participating artists and design studios:

Govert Flint | Tessa Koot | Nacho Carbonell | Victor Sonna | Carli Hèrmes (Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam) | Zuijderwijk Vergouwe (Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam) | Stefan Gross (Art Company, Eindhoven) | Piet Paris | Sabine Marcelis | Luuk van den Broek | Sander Wassink | Brit van Nerven | Niek van der Heijden | Arnout Meijer | Jetske Visser & Michiel Martens | Iris Donker | Chris Kabel | Erwin Thomasse (Art Company, Eindhoven) | Barbara Broekman (Art Company, Eindhoven) | Nynke Koster (Art Company, Eindhoven) | Pleuni Buyink (Art Company, Eindhoven) | RED BASTARD | Joshua van Iersel | Studio_ADD | Lisa Klappe | Kim Haagen | Kostas Lambridis

Photography by Nick Bookelaar, Tommy Köhlbrugge, Iris Rijskamp and Ronald Smits

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