Educated as a commercial economist (HEAO) and as a stylist at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam, Justine Kontou brings the perfect mix between creative and commercial. She knows how to put up strategies without losing the necessary creativity and skills to visualise these concepts. With her multidisciplinary approach and social skills, she brings people together in a way that feels natural to participators. An important quality mandatory to most projects.

Due to her curiosity, imagination and open-minded view, she can easily ‘see’ important cultural and social developments and translate these into possible future scenario’s. With her eye for colours, textures and shapes, she is able to create esthetic and eclectic experiences (both 2D and 3D).

Most of the time her work consists of combining disciplines like photography, art, design and installations.

“I think collaborating with talented and visionary people, the interplay of inspiring one another and having fun, while working on the project are defining the result of a project. Therefore, the composition of the project team is very important for me and a positive outcome project wise.”

Types of work:

° Curator and art director of artistic projects, like exhibitions, events and fairs
° Generating concepts and scenarios for museums, exhibitions and city art projects
° Translating strategy and targets of clients into creative and visual concepts
° Trend forecasts, inspirational moodboards and visualization
° Project management for Art/ Design projects 


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