contemplation spaces - DDW 2017


During Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2017, the first edition of Contemplation Spaces took place in The Student Hotel Eindhoven. Contemplation Spaces function as spots that allow you to disconnect yourself from your daily life and mind. By creating spaces with a fine selection of art, design, sound, scent and tactile objects that stimulate the senses, visitors were brought into a calmer state of mind.
Contemplation Spaces is initiated by Justine Kontou and realized in collaborating with architect Lex Hildenbrant, psychologist Florijn Vriend and a wide selection of twenty designers, artists and experts.
Research has been done on existing scientific studies that focus on the stress-reducing effects of art, light, sound and (references) to nature. By doing so, the team created the epitome of a mind state-changing experience, all put together on just a couple of square meters. You’ll especially find that elements by the likes of sea and water are intertwined with almost every aspect of the different Contemplation Spaces. Due to the sequence of different spheres in these spaces, visitors will feel, hear, see and perceive new things on an ongoing matter to achieve new insights and impressions. The goal is to encourage visitors to be attentive, to give their minds a chance to take a step back and wander freely. To realize renewed creative headspace, new insights, new impressions and introspection.

During DDW the experience of visitors was questioned and with this feedback, Contemplation Spaces is currently being further developed into permanent installations in the everyday environment. Such as office buildings, hotels, care institutions and educational environment.

Interested in a Contemplation Space in your daily environment? Please contact us.

CONTEMPLATION SPACES during DDW included work by:

Alissa + Nienke, Studio Sabine Marcelis & Brit van Nerven, Albert Lieuwe, Commonplace Studio, Charlotte Jonckheer, Aliki van der Kruijs, Studio Ricky van Broekhoven, Pleunie Buyink, Studio Thier & van Daalen, OS & OOS, Teresa van Dongen, Lensvelt x Caroline Prisse, Lensvelt X Atelier van Lieshout, Studio Sybrandy, Enrichers, Tijdmakers, WHIFF.

Thanks to: BKKC, Provincie Noord-Brabant, BankGiro Loterij, The Student Hotel, Sizzer Amsterdam, Philips Lighting en Kernwaarde Groen.

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Photos: Nick Bookelaar
Illustration: Lex Hildenbrant
Video: Ruud Scheerens