The design of spatial well-being

The Design of Spatial Well-being
Being the successor to Contemplation Spaces during DDW 2017, design research project “The design of spatial well-being” is focussed on investigating methods and developments to create healthy environments in health care institutions and workspaces.
Partly thanks to a contribution from the impulse funds of the province of North Brabant, within this project spatial experiences/ designed spaces can be developed.
In order to determine the true needs of users of the concerning locations, they are being interviewed and observed. This human centred approach leads to holistic spatial experiences, in which at least nature, art and mindful design are being integrated. This research project is executed in collaboration with psychologists, scientists and a variety of experts to find out how these holistic environments can positively influence the well-being of it’s users.

GGzE (Health Care institution)
The first casestudy was implemented in mental healthcare institution GGzE where the patient’s entrance hall and waiting room were upgraded.

Dr. W. Heijs analysed the pre- and post-measurement in this entrance hall and the results are positive.
A comparison of the 20 questionnaires in the pre- and post measurement with 23 pieces in the post measurement shows that satisfaction with almost all aspects has increased significantly. These results, in combination with the responses to the open questions, seem to indicate that the modifications in favour of privacy, stimuli (management), tranquillity and signage have had a positive effect. More specifically, there are indications that the organically formed wooden walls have had a positive influence on the perceived privacy (at reception desk and while waiting on a chair) and that the layout (colours, materials used and especially the plants) contributes to a beautiful, uncluttered and calming atmosphere and appearance as well as to the degree of distraction that the environment offers.

From the jury report of Kunstloc Brabant:
The jury is pleased with the innovative character of the project, the interdisciplinary collaboration, the connection that is made between science and design, the interfaces with other policy areas and the pioneering role that Kontou and Biezen develop with this. The jury is convinced of the economic and social objectives and sees this project as an important step in achieving an effect in both areas. The jury is pleased with the vision and business insight of the applicants and has confidence in their decisiveness.

Photos by Marthe Biezen