The design of spatial well-being

The development of my latest project Contemplation Spaces has resulted in a broader view of how (adjustments to) spaces can positively influence the well-being of its users. And how this can be applied in interiors of work environments and public spaces. In collaboration with designer Marthe Biezen, I am currently working on designing an integral working method for this. Partly thanks to a contribution from the impulse funds of the province of North Brabant, we can develop two test cases - two spatial experiences/ designed spaces - which are applied in a working environment and in public space. In collaboration with psychologists and scientists, we want to demonstrate the positive effect of our approach and design philosophy. We look forward to this project and the collaboration with so many inspiring experts and companies!

From the jury report of Kunstloc Brabant:
The jury is pleased with the innovative character of the project, the interdisciplinary collaboration, the connection that is made between science and design, the interfaces with other policy areas and the pioneering role that Kontou and Biezen develop with this. The jury is convinced of the economic and social objectives and sees this project as an important step in achieving an effect in both areas. The jury is pleased with the vision and business insight of the applicants and has confidence in their decisiveness.

More information coming soon