Matchmaking Designers & Retailers

Matchmaking Designers & Retailers

Matchmaking Designers & Retailers

G-Star RAW Eindhoven x Niek Pulles

Mensroom x studio Jo Meesters

Rambam x Martine Mathijsen (NOFT)

The Society Shop x Noortje de Keijzer

Urban Footwear x Kazoe van den Dobbelsteen

boekhandel Van Pierre x designstudio De Intuïtiefabriek

Vielgut x rENs

Wildenberg Ynformal x Daphna Laurens

YOU ARE HERE x Design studio EDHV

EETalages: Van Pierre x Piet Bergman

EETalages: Van Pierre x Piet Bergman

EETalages: Van Pierre x Piet Bergman

EETalages: Van Pierre x Piet Bergman

EETalages: Jannissima Concept Store x Piet Bergman



In 2012 the first edition of “Fijne Feestdagen Festival“ took place in Eindhoven. Eindhoven365 organised this event to create a nostalgic, cozy wintertime feeling with stimulating, inspiring and ambitious activities throughout the city centre of Eindhoven.

In collaboration with Eindhoven365, Justine Kontou initiated two projects “Etalage Taferelen“ and “EETalages“ to offer an inspiring Christmas shopping experience. By connecting shop keepers/entrepreneurs with talented designers, windows were created that left shoppers in awe.

After a first selection round, Justine organised a speed date session for shop keepers, entrepreneurs and designers to create the best matches. She mentored the following process and took care of the communication and PR in collaboration with Eindhoven365. To generate exposure for “Etalage Taferelen“, everyone was asked to vote for the most inspiring window. By doing so they could win a bag full of Christmas presents.

“EETalages“ offered a once in a lifetime eating-experience. Window dining was initiated on several nights in EETalages. With a minimum of 2 persons you could take center stage in a shopping window. The team of Piet Bergman, took good care of the guests with quality food and drinks in a one of a kind and unforgettable experience.

Photography by Nick Bookelaar