it's fashion weekend

It's Fashion Weekend, 1st edition (2013), Eindhoven

On Friday the 6th -and Saturday the 7th- of September 2013 , a new public event took place in  Eindhoven: It’s Fashion Weekend! Eindhoven365 joined forces with the likes of Martine Mathijsen and Justine Kontou to create and execute It’s Fashion Weekend. 
Together they took care of everything from concept to realisation. Martine took care of
the visual identity and Justine was responsible for the program content and the
connection between retail, fashion and design. They worked together with designers, retailers, hospitality organisations and many more. They realised a series of ground-breaking initiatives that engaged a high-energy, bustling ‘weekend feeling’ in the
eyes of its beholders.

Designers were challenged to experiment and to collaborate with other disciplines. In participating stores, restaurants and in public spaces throughout the city centre, a wide range of fashion-related activities were organised, from ‘fashion hangouts’ and
exhibitions to lectures, installations and fashion shows. An open platform was
created to enable everyone to discover the distinctive vision of both young and
established designers. 

Photography by Nick Bookelaar